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Information about Grasmere


Grasmere, whose Viking name Grismere meaning lake of the wild boar, with its tranquil lake, surrounding valley and picturesque village surrounded by fell and craggy peaks, is a popular among visitors to the Lake District. It is situated in one of the national parks and therefore a protected area. The village is a popular tourist destination with many places to eat and stay, and gift shops to browse.

The Grasmere and Wordsworth Museum Wordsworth Museum housed in Dove Cottage, the once home of Wordsworth, and in a converted barn opposite the cottage is where visitors will discover the greatest collection of the letters, journals, poems, artefacts, maps, pictures and interactive displays of Wordsworth’s life, work, thoughts and inspirations. William Wordsworth died on 23rd April 1850, and like several members of his family, was buried at St.Oswald Church in Grasmere; a church of Norman origin with a 14th century tower and even mentioned in one of Wordsworth's poems.

Grasmere is also known for several popular annual events. The Grasmere Sports event that takes place in August, and one of the most popular traditional events in the Lake District, having first started in 1852, with its origins coming from the first Viking settlers. The event includes Cumberland wrestling, a hounds drag race and a fell running race.

The other event is the ancient Rushbearing Ceremony, which is associated with St.Oswald Day on 5th August, and centred around the parish church. Its origins lay with the church when the rushes that laid on an the earth floor were renewed. However, the floor is now paved but the tradition carries on and is marked with a procession through the village of rush-based flower-covered “Bearings” in a variety of shapes, six costumed Rush Maidens carrying a white sheet holding the strewing rushes, a brass band and the church choir.

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