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Being Cumbria's only city, Carlisle is a place of rich history and much industrial, commercial and cultural importance to the county. It also has the biggest population residence of any place in Cumbria at over 75,000 inhabitants in the main city. It is the administrative centre of the City of Carlisle borough in North West England. Carlisle is also situated on the confluence of three different rivers, the River Petteril, Caldew and Eden. Being so close to the current border (about 10 miles), it is little wonder that it has often been disputed over which country it belongs to.

Carlisle has an extensive history being one of the most principal areas in Cumbria. There is little record of Carlisle's history before the Romans came but what history suggests is that Carlisle was originally named 'Caer Luel' a reference to a Celtic God known as Lugh. Carlisle and most of what is now the Eden Valley was occupied by the Carvetti (a sub-Brittonic tribe of the Brigantes), until around 72AD when the Roman fort of Luguvalium was built. The settlement was given a Brittonic sounding name to appease the locals and means the 'strength of Lugus.'

Carlisle and the Northern part of Cumbria shifted between English and Scottish hands, with savage battles and sieges, until after the 1745 rebellion when it remained in England.

Carlisle Castle is one of the historic features of the city made of red sand stone but originally would have more than likely been a wooden structure built by William Rufus, son of the Conqueror, who with his great army had captured the town in 1092, defeating Dolfin, a descendent of Saxon Kings.   The Castle is now a prominent sight situated near the green spaces and children’s play areas of Bitts Park with its strong buttress walls dominating the Northern entrance to the town. The walls now houses the Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life.

Tullie house Museum and Art Gallery in Carlisle is another major tourist attraction in Cumbria, housing local, regional and national History, Nature and Art in one of Britain’s most historical and nature rich regions.

The City of Carlisle also boasts many other attractions like leisure centres, Soft play areas for children, historic town centre, the Lanes shopping centre and covered market, and the sporting and entertainment activities of the Sands Centre.

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